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Kristen Perchalski, Lead Teacher – Saplings

Bio & Background

I am so excited to begin this amazing journey with Wild Oak! I grew up in New Jersey and Georgia and graduated from New York University, where I volunteered in my sister’s classroom. When I worked with AmeriCorps in the Atlanta public schools, I realized I wanted to pursue education, so I went to the University of Pennsylvania to get my masters in teaching. My first teaching job was at an adorable converted house in Atlanta where I had a group of ten four and five year olds for a half-day program. From there I moved to Northern Virginia and taught second grade for three years. Then I moved to Florida and had the opportunity to teach at both a Reggio-inspired preschool and an elementary charter school. For the past three years, I found my way back home to Atlanta and have had a blast teaching Pre-K!

My Favorite Things

I absolutely love being able to teach creatively and through play. Having the opportunity to also get out in nature with the students every day is a dream come true. I am moving to Hendersonville with my four year old daughter Anya and my sister’s family to enjoy more time outdoors! I also like to read, paint, care for animals, and travel to new places.

My Philosophy

At a Reggio-inspired school I worked at, the famous quote painted on the wall in the lobby was, “children are not things to be molded, but people to be unfolded.” I think about those words often as an early childhood educator. Every day I have the privilege of helping our little people discover themselves and the responsibility to create a safe, loving, challenging environment for them to explore.