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Frequently Asked Questions

I missed the Information Session. Are you having any more?

We are! Visit our Information Sessions Page to register or reach out to if the days or times don’t work for you.

Can I visit Wild Oak to see the classrooms and school?

We are working on an Open House in early June. However, this may look a bit different than your typical open house, as our lease begins in mid-August and our classrooms will not be set up yet.

Do you offer part-time programs for the Seedling School?

We have a limited number of spaces for part-time Seedling School students in the 3s and 4s classrooms. Families must commit to either Tuesday-Thursday (2 days) or Monday-Wednesday-Friday (3 days).

Will tuition increase every year?

Our budget as it stands has no increases for the first two years, although as a new organization we reserve the right to shift tuition slightly as needed. We expect to start small increases (~2-3% per year) to account for increases in pricing and cost of living in the 2023-24 school year.

I don’t think I can afford Wild Oak. Do you offer financial aid?

We have limited capacity to offer financial assistance as a startup nonprofit school, although one of our primary goals is to offer financial aid packages to ensure socio-economic diversity across the school and the opportunity for all children who would benefit to attend. Please do reach out to if the application fee and/ or tuition presents a financial barrier for you.

We believe that the school experience is richened by diversity of all kinds, and that our smaller, more intimate model of learning will be vastly impactful for many children in our community, not just for those whose families can afford full tuition. We are working towards a model where at least 50% of our students are eligible for and receiving some level of financial aid.

We do accept the NC Opportunity Scholarship [“school choice voucher”] from the State of North Carolina. If you qualify for this scholarship, the scholarship amount is applied against your tuition. To check your eligibility and to apply for this scholarship, please visit their website.

What kind of field trips will the students take?

Students in first grade and above will travel off-campus at least once per month for “Fridays in the Field.” We will not have a school van fleet initially therefore we will request parent volunteers to assist with transport (and participation!).

Off-campus Fridays in the Field will typically be oriented around wilderness/ nature studies and environmental education. Students will need to be prepared for outdoor hiking and activities in most kinds of weather for these trips.

Your day and school year is shorter than traditional public schools. How will my child learn?

Our small class sizes, personalized structure, and compartmentalized “work” or learning time blocks will allow children to learn much more in a smaller amount of time.

By necessity, public and larger class-size schools require large percentages of time for classroom management, transitions between spaces and activities, and other administrative tasks. Wild Oak is able to keep these drains on learning time to a minimum.

We hope our families will be pleasantly surprised that, like new homeschooling parents often are, children can accomplish a lot in a short time if given the right attention.

What if I want my child to be tested? How will that work? How will I know how they are doing in school?

North Carolina requires all private schools to administer end-of-grade standardized testing in 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 11th grades. We will administer standardized online testing for the appropriate grades. We will also offer testing outside of those grades to families as an option, with costs of those tests at the family’s expense.

What if my child is academically or intellectually gifted?

The beauty of small, multi-age, collaborative classrooms with adaptive curriculum is that students can move fluidly between levels, topics of interest, and even physical spaces if needed. Children who are more advanced in a certain area may work one-on-one with the teacher, study a topic individually, or work with older classroom groups.

Because our goals, assessments, and corresponding lesson activities are individualized, they will meet the child “where they are,” regardless of age, grade level, or intellectual ability.

What if my child has a learning disability or other kinds of intellectual or behavior challenges?

We celebrate all kinds of diversity, including neuro-diversities! Our model is designed to encourage students to learn in a way that is most beneficial for them, provided 1) that Wild Oak’s staff and physical resources can reasonably accommodate the need, and 2) it is not inordinately disruptive to other students. Those aspects will be planned for at the beginning of the year and amended throughout as needed.

We will work with families and their care/ healthcare providers to make sure that the child is going to be able to get the type of learning and behavioral support that they need from Wild Oak. This will be done both as part of the admissions process and on an ongoing basis should the child be enrolled. As a small, nonprofit, startup school, we do not have access to the types of specialists that public school does, therefore some types of assistance will need to be parent-provided and there will be some cases where Wild Oak’s program components and/ or daily schedule are not a good fit.

Our students will be free to move their bodies (even encouraged to!) when learning. If they need noise-cancelling headphones or a peaceful, non-stimulating place to read, that can be arranged. If they need one-on-one time with the teacher, there is time built into the small-class program for that type of attention. In many cases, students will be able to choose how they want to present their mastery of a topic.