Tuition & Fees

Tuitions for the Seedling School, Wild Oak Lower and Middle School, and Afternoon Academy are listed below.

Both the Seedling School Afternoon Friends program and Wild Oak Afternoon Academy have options for students from the community outside of Wild Oak.

2021-22 Tuition – Seedling School & Afternoon Friends

By ClassroomTuition 
Seedling: Sprouts (3s- 4s)$7,500 per yr/ $750 per month
Seedling: Saplings (Kindergarten)$7,500 per year/ $750 per month
Sprouts Class (T-Th option)*$3,500 per year/ $350 per month
Sprouts Class (M-W-F option)*$5,250 per year/ $525 per month
Afternoon Friends 2:15-4:00
Afternoon Friends for Seedlings (M-F)$25 per week ($5 p/ day)
Afternoon Friends for Seedlings (as needed option)$8 per day
Afternoon Friends for community (M-F)* $75 per week ($12 per day)
Afternoon Friends for community (T-Th or M-W-F option)* $36-$54 per week ($15 per day)
*limited spaces for these options. Not eligible for Kindergarten classroom.

2021-22 Tuition – Wild Oak Lower, Middle School & Afternoon Programming

Lower School: 1st – 2nd grades$8,250 per year/ $825 for 10 months
Lower School: 3rd – 4th$8,250 per year/ $825 for 10 months
Middle School: 5th – 6th$8,750 per year/ $875 for 10 months
Middle School: 7th – 8th$8,750 per year/ $875 for 10 months
Afternoon Programs
Afterschool 2:15-5:00

$12 per day
Afterschool pre- or post-Academy class$3 per day
Afternoon Academy course for Wild Oak students$15+ per class day*
Afternoon Academy course for community$18+ per class day*
*Afternoon Academy classes may have small additional fees depending on extra materials needed.

Seedling & Wild Oak Fees

Community Fee/ Gear Fund

The Community Fee is $100 for the first student in a family and $50 for the second student, due annually. Among other things, this fee helps Wild Oak build the “Gear Fund,” which supplies unprepared students for play outdoors in all kinds of situations and weather.

Materials & Trips Fee

The Materials & Trips Fee is equivalent to 5% of a student’s annual tuition total (ex: $375 for Seedlings). This fee helps cover the cost of annual material replenishment, as well as “Fridays in the Field” off-campus and other field trips. This fee is due in 3 installments: 2% of tuition July 1st, 2% November 1st, and 1% February 1st.

Application Fee

The prospective student Application Fee is $50 for the first student in a family, and $25 for each child thereafter.

The first month’s Tuition, Community Fee, and Materials Fee installment are due by July 15th. The remaining tuition payments are due on the first of each month September through May (9 additional payments). 

Before & After School Options

Before School Program

There is no charge to families for supervision before school starts, from 7:45-8:15.

After School Programs

Afternoon Friends (Seedlings PreK-K)

The Seedling School “Afternoon Friends” program will be offered until 4:30 each day. Families must sign up for days in advance and submit payment with their monthly tuition. Options are: Monday-Friday (every day), Monday-Wednesday-Friday (3 days per week), or Tuesday-Thursday (2 days per week). “One-off” days can be scheduled as space permits. $5 per day for Seedlings attending Monday through Friday and $8 per day for 2 or 3-day per week Seedlings.

Afternoon Club (1st grade +)

Afternoon Club is available for 1st graders and up. Students who are not attending an Afternoon Academy class may participate in Afternoon Club for $12 per day, up to a maximum of $36 per week.

Afternoon Academy

1 day per week extra-curricular courses are generally $90 per 5-week session for current Wild Oak students and $100 for students from the community (homeschool or other school), although there may be courses with additional fees.

The Afternoon Academy courses are fully open to other students in the community.

The first class runs from 2:20-3:40 and the second from 3:55-5:15. Care outside of the student’s enrolled class is available through the Afternoon Club program for $4 per day.

Financial Aid

Wild Oak’s budget and operating expenses are intentionally lean. Our tuition is also significantly lower than our peers. Wild Oak is committed to keeping tuition as accessible as possible to families in our area while still providing a rich and valuable educational environment not found elsewhere. 

While there will be limited capacity in our first few years to offer financial assistance, please do reach out to if the application fee and/ or tuition presents a financial barrier for you.

NC Opportunity Scholarships

We will accept the NC Opportunity Scholarship (“school choice voucher”) from the State of North Carolina. If you qualify for this scholarship, the scholarship amount is applied against your tuition. To check your eligibility and to apply for this scholarship, please visit their website.