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Tuition & Fees

Please note: Our tuition structure and package for the 2024-25 academic year is will be evaluated by our Board of Directors to determine needs for our growing school. While we are committed to keeping Wild Oak affordable for our families, there may be a slight increase of tuition from previous years to account for increased school expenses, growing resources, and monetarily honoring our employees with salaries and benefit packages that reflect the incredible work they do everyday with our children.

Payments are accepted through ACH draft or a check.

2023-2024 Tuition – Seedling School & Afternoon Friends

Seedling School $8,750 per year
Afternoon Friends
$12.00 per day

2023-2024 Tuition – Wild Oak Elementary School & Afternoon Programming

Elementary School $9,500 per year
Afternoon Club
$15.00 per day

Application Fee

The prospective student Application Fee is $50 for the first student in a family, and $25 for each child thereafter.

The first month’s Tuition is due by July 15th. The remaining tuition payments are due on the first of each month September through May (9 additional payments). 

Before & After School Options

Before School Program

School starts promptly at 8:15 with students expected no later than 8:10. There is no charge to families for supervision before school starts, from 7:50-8:10.

After School Programs

Afternoon Friends (Seedlings)

The Seedling School “Afternoon Friends” program is offered between 2:30 and 4:30 each day. Families must sign up for days in advance and submit payment with their monthly tuition. “One-off” days can be scheduled as space permits.

Afternoon Club (Kindergarten-Fifth)

Afternoon Club is held M-F on all regular school days. Afternoon Club is organized to include a variety of structured and non-structured activities to meet student’s interest and needs after a busy school day.

Afternoon Club will open to children in the surrounding community in January 2024.

Financial Aid

Wild Oak’s budget and operating expenses are intentionally lean. Our tuition is also significantly lower than our peers. Wild Oak is committed to keeping tuition as accessible as possible to families in our area while still providing a rich and valuable educational environment not found elsewhere. 

While there will be limited capacity in our first few years to offer financial assistance, we consider applications for aid. Please do reach out to if the application fee and/ or tuition presents a financial barrier for you.

NC Opportunity Scholarships

Wild Oak accepts the NC Opportunity Scholarship (“school choice voucher”) and ETA+ grants from the State of North Carolina. If you qualify for this scholarship, the scholarship amount is applied against your tuition. To check your eligibility and to apply for this scholarship, please visit their website.