Wild Oak is ideally set up for meaningful learning experiences. The campus houses a full art studio, a large multi-use space for sports in inclement weather, an outdoor amphitheater, and the best part: over 100 acres of forests and hills to explore the natural world.

The Afternoon Academy is a learning community that begins after Wild Oak school hours.

An Enrichment Community

The Afternoon Academy is a learning community that begins after Wild Oak school hours— for students of both Wild Oak and the broader community— to enrich the school experience. We expect and will encourage enrollment from homeschool students in the area and eventually students from public schools as the program hours are extended.

Five-week courses will be designed to not only give students a place to delve deeply into the subjects that already stir their passions, but to expose students to new ideas and to ignite different creativities. Through their involvement with the Afternoon Academy, students will also be able to connect more deeply with peers who share their interests. 

Courses for the 2021-22 year will meet one day a week for five weeks. As the program expands, classes may meet multiple days per week. While classes will be multi-age, they will be restricted to appropriate age groups depending on topic, activity, or area covered.  

Course Subjects

For the 2021-22 academic year, Wild Oak will offer one session per afternoon across the following subject-areas. 

  • Visual Arts
  • Nature, Wilderness & Outdoor Education
  • Music & Performance
  • Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture

Specific topics for the first few sessions will be announced in August.

Course Session Dates

Session 1: Sept 7-Oct 8

Session 2: Oct 11-Nov 12

Session 3: Nov 15-Dec 17

Session 4: Jan 3-Feb 4

Session 5: Feb 7-Mar 11

Session 6: Mar 14-Apr 22

Session 7: Apr 25-May 27

We hope to grow the Afternoon Academy program over time, to host an inclusive learning community where children can gather to share in common interests—regardless of where they go to school—by offering multiple classes per day between the hours of 2:30-5:30. Sign up to receive notifications about the Afternoon Academy.

Afternoon Academy Guides

Hiring information can be found here.

Volunteer Instructors

Do you have an expertise or interest that you think students would love? 

We are open to volunteer instructors! As a nonprofit institution, we operate on strict margins and this type of commitment helps us provide more scholarships and financial aid to those in need. Email us with your ideas.