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The Afternoon Academy is a learning community that begins after Wild Oak school hours.

A Place for Curiosity and Enrichment

The Afternoon Academy is a learning community that begins after Wild Oak school hours. Open to both Wild Oak students and the broader community, classes are intended to broaden and enrich the school experience. We encourage children from homeschooled families to join us for both exploration and social opportunities!

Courses are designed to broaden and deepen interests. We hope to build on interests that are already stir their passions and to spark creativity with new ideas and experiences. Through involvement with the Afternoon Academy, students from both within and without our community will be able to connect y with peers who share their interests. 

Courses generally meet one day a week and are either continuously offered (Spanish, Art, and Math Club for example) or are offered in 4-8 week sessions.

Classes are multi-age but are restricted to appropriate age groups depending on topic, activity, and area covered.  Typically, the first class of the day is for our younger students and the second is for older students.

Base course tuition is calculated on a per week basis for the session: $15 per week for Wild Oak students and $18 per week for outside community members. Occasionally there will be additional fees required for supplies.

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Afternoon Academy Guides

Hiring information can be found here.

Volunteer Instructors

Do you have an expertise or interest that you think students would love? 

We are open to volunteer instructors! As a nonprofit institution, we operate on strict margins and this type of commitment helps us provide more scholarships and financial aid to those in need. Email us with your ideas.